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I'm the author of the blog Echo Presentations, my vehicle to deliver free tips on how to prepare, design and deliver effective presentations. My goal is to help the world's brightest minds and companies tell their stories through presentations that rock! 

A little about me 
My name is Andrea Pacini. I live and work in London. I was born in Italy, studied in Ireland for a year and also spent some time working in Cambridge (UK). I loved it so much that I decided to come back to work in England. During high school I realised I wanted to become an entrepreneur and it was through meeting Garr Reynolds which ignited my passion for presentations. Today my heart sings when I see a well-designed presentation or a captivating talk so I decided to help others make great presentations so that their audience’s hearts will sing too.

In addition to Echo Presentations, I also help curious people find better content. I curate Echo Story: a free weekly newsletter on what I see in business, communication and design, and human-interest topics that I think is worth sharing with my following. Here's an exampleIf this is of interest to you, you can subscribe here and I'll send you a free weekly roundup of stories worth sharing. 


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